Planting Redwoods to Fight Climate Change

  • Restoration of wildlife habitat
  • Clean and abundant water
  • Job opportunities and economic growth
  • Soil erosion reduction by their roots holding soil in place and their foliage
  • Most relevantly, removing atmospheric carbon to counter greenhouse gas emissions
  1. Cuttings, or branches cut from the tree. They are nurtured until they can be planted and thrive, taking anywhere between 6 and 12 months to begin growing a root system.
  2. Stump sprouts, or growths from the base of an existing tree. The clone has identical genetics to the mother tree.
  3. Root sprouts. Redwood roots grow horizontally and continuously layer as new sediment piles on top of them during floods. Once new growth sprouts from the surface roots, there is essentially an identical twin tree neighboring the original.



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